New footage emerges of mob attacking soldiers on morning after coup

New CCTV footage showing an angry mob of civilians attacking surrendered soldiers on the morning after the failed 2016 coup has been shown on leftist television channel Artı TV, the channel’s sister news site reported.

Pro-government media had previously denied claims that the soldiers had been attacked by the mob after they had surrendered, but the new footage shows a group of 200 people beating the soldiers with pieces of wood, stripping them nude and dragging them bleeding across the ground despite police attempts at intervention with tear gas and water cannon.

Two soldiers are seen lifeless on the video, and a man is heard shouting, “we killed four of them”.

The sister of one of those killed was able to identify her brother from the footage in the studio. She spoke of the pain the family had to undergo, with threats from strangers, the court not accepting the official autopsies or accepting their case, and their lawyer beaten for having taken a “traitor” on as a client.

A ballistics report, however, showed that her brother, who was a soldier in training like most of the others sent to the bridge, had not used his weapon that night, she said.