Turkey’s ruling party ‘hid coup documents’ from the opposition - CHP

Turkey’s main opposition party says the ruling AKP hid away official documents submitted to a parliamentary commission on the July 2016 coup attempt, secularist daily Cumhuriyet reported.

MPs from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said they noticed the missing documents when the final draft report cited them.

A parliamentary commission was established in October last year to investigate the July 2016 coup attempt. All four parties in the parliament had members in the commission.

During its four months of work, the commission heard experts and received hundreds of official documents from state institutions regarding the planning and execution of the failed coup.

CHP said a total of 16 official documents, from the ministries of the interior, justice, foreign affairs, customs, and national defence, from the general staff of the army, the national police and various other state institutions, were not seen by the opposition members of the commission.

A request by CHP deputies to receive the documents was rejected, citing ‘state secrets,’ Cumhuriyet wrote.

According to Turkish Parliamentary Bylaw, investigative commission members must receive all documents sent to the commission, regardless of their party membership.

The draft report of the commission was also subject to heated debate in parliament when the speaker of the parliament removed the opposition’s dissenting opinion from its publication.