Coup “heroes” fired from Turkish military

Officer lauded for their roles in fighting back against a coup attempt in July 2016 are among those fired by the final state of emergency decree from the Turkish military, Müyesser Yıldız wrote for left-nationalist news site OdaTV.

Captain Burak Akın came to Akıncı Air Base together with Land Forces Commander Salih Zeki Çolak on the night of the coup in order to help liberate the base and was shot in the process.

Ministers visited his home to thank him for his service, and he was appointed to the committee to investigate the coup attempt inside the land forces.

Akın later went to police and gave them a list of names of soldiers he believed to be members of the Gülen movement, which stands accused of masterminding the coup attempt.

Some have asked whether his firing is partially an attempt to gag him and prevent him from giving evidence against coup suspects, Yıldız said.

Meanwhile, Colonel M.Y. was one of a group of special forces soldiers who banded together to try to take back Akıncı.

He was named in reports as the person who liberated many of the hostages from the base, and also served as a witness in key coup trials, Yıldız said.

However, he was also fired from the military by decree on July 8, she added.
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