Did Turkish security forces have election reporting role? – columnist

Columnist Soner Yalçın wrote for secularist Sözcü newspaper that Turkish security forces may have been illegally tasked with reporting results from the ballot boxes to state-run news agency Anadolu.

He quoted a police officer as saying that they had been given forms to fill out and that this had been added to their duties, and quoted other anonymous witnesses as saying they had seen police on duty writing down the results.

Yalçın said that it was impossible for Anadolu Agency to have people at all 180,556 ballot boxes or even at all 49,196 counting stations across Turkey – and yet the results they came up with were much quicker than they were officially entered into the database of the High Electoral Council.

He said he had asked four days ago how they got these results, but that no-one had answered the question.

Until the mechanisms were understood, he said, there would always be doubts about the official news agency’s picture of the results.

Yalçın also asked why the High Electoral Council’s official results were not made accessible to the public, and brought up claims that Anadolu Agency had been provided with an entire floor in the council’s building.

“There is a thick cover (over the results) that always look transparent,” he said.