Felicity party promises peace and social justice

Islamist Felicity Party’s leader Temel Karamollaoğlu on Sunday promised to focus on non-security aspects of Turkey’s decades-old Kurdish problem and to decrease taxes to ensure social justice, while  unveiling his party’s election manifesto for the upcoming elections on Jun. 24, ABC news site reported.

“The Kurdish problem has not been resolved as a result of incorrect approaches and remissness regarding many aspects of the issue, such as rights, justice, morality, economy, education, and security. Therefore, it is impossible to reach a solution without tackling all those remissions as a whole. When the Felicty Party comes to power, it will solve this problem as a whole through social, cultural, political, psychological, and economic reforms, rather than only through security based struggle,” Karamollaoğlu said today. 

Karamollaoğlu also said that the tax system in Turkey increased the social injustice, by favouring the rich, instead of the poor.  “Paying taxes has become a source of suffering rather than a responsibility for the citizens,” Karamollaoğlu said. Felicity Party plans not no levy taxes on those receiving minimum wage, and determining the minimum wage according to poverty threshold.

Felicity party leader also promised a merit based system in education and public employment and to end violence and discrimination against women.