No one wants to be surveyed anymore – Turkish pollster

The owner of a Turkish polling company said his canvassers were having trouble getting responses to his polls in the run-up to June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Murat Gezici, the head of the Gezici polling company, told Fatih Altaylı, a columnist in the pro-government Habertürk newspaper, that under normal conditions his canvassers needed to knock on an average of 40 to 45 doors to elicit 18 responses.

Before the last election in 2015, he said, they needed to knock on between 70 and 80 doors to get 18 responses.

At this election, he said however, they needed to knock on 120 doors to get 18 responses.

“The situation in this election has taken on a strange shape,” Gezici said. “Citizens are not talking, they are avoiding speaking their minds. Doors are being closed in canvassers’ faces.”