OSCE delegation unable to meet chair of Turkey’s election council

A delegation from Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), who are in Turkey to monitor the June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections, has been unable to meet the Chair of Turkey’s Supreme Election Council (YSK) Sadi Güven and six other members of the council, according to Cumhuriyet newspapers Alican Uludağ.

The delegation was, however, able to meet four other members of the YSK, deputy chair Deputy Chairperson Erhan Çiftçi, Zeynep Nilgün Hacımahmutoğlu, Kürşat Hamurcu and Yunus Aykan. They discussed recent changes to Turkish electoral law that allow counting of unsealed ballot papers, the call to make YSK decisions exempt from judicial remedies and the reliability of the Election Information System (SEÇSİS).

The OSCE delegation also met with the team responsible for managing SEÇSİS and examined the system.