May 20 2018

People are afraid to tell their preferences - Felicity Party leader

The opinion polls in Turkey for the upcoming election on June 24 do not reflect the reality and the government will see the slap given by the citizens, Islamist Felicity Party’s leader Temel Karamollaoğlu said in his interview with Deutsche Well Turkish.

Karamollaoğlu noted that he thought his party would pass the election threshold of 10 percent, even if they had not formed an alliance with the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Good Party for the parliamentary elections.

“When you look at opinion polls, the percentages do not seem as high as I claim to be. But there is something said to us by those who conduct those surveys. They say that ‘in the past when we asked three people whom they would vote for, two of them replied and one did not; now two doesn’t reply and only one does’. I mean the voters are afraid to tell their preferences,” Karamollaoğlu said.

“They [the government] will see the slap given to them by the citizens. Because they have tired out the citizens. People are tired,” Karamollağlu added, saying that lack of democracy and justice have caused those feelings within the Turkish electorate.

Karamollaoğlu also explained that those who oppose the government are faced with severe oppression. “If you say that people can say whatever they want within the boundaries of democracy and then follow the logic of punishing those who do not repeat what you say and if you are controlling 90 percent of the media, can people say that there is democracy in this country, there are freedoms, respect to rights and the law,” Karamollaoğlu asked.