#T A M A M: Turkish social media erupts, telling Erdoğan "enough is enough"

Update: T A M A M, "enough is enough" in Turkish, now reaches over 1 million tweets and still the top worldwide trending topic on the Twitter hours after Turkish President Erdogan's remarks. "Devam" on the other, another hashtag created by pro-Erdogan supporters and means "go on" in Turkish, only reached less than 300K tweets in the same period.

Addressing his party's parliamentary group on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said "if the nation says 'enough' then we would step aside." Within the hour, a new hashtag riffing off the president's words took the country's social media by storm: "tamam," a Turkish word meaning "enough."

T A M A M became the worldwide trending topic with over 800,000 tweets posted under the hashtag to tell Erdoğan "enough is enough." 

For some time, one of the discussions of Turkey's election season is whether Erdoğan, who has been ruling Turkey as prime minister and then president since 2003, would leave the government if he loses in the elections, which he has pulled forward from November of 2019 to June 24 this year.

The elections will usher in a new presidential system in which the elected candidate will be the president for the first time armed with executive powers, which will have little in way of a counterpoint thanks to eroded checks and balances.

Responding to the speculation, Erdoğan told his party's parliamentary group, "Our nation made us the Istanbul Mayor, the leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the prime minister and the president. If they say 'enough' then we would step aside."



All the major opposition presidential candidates Muharrem Ince, Meral Aksener and Temel Karamollaoglu joined what became the top trending hashtag of Tuesday. The main opposition Republican People Party (CHP)'s long time deputy and presidential candidate Muharrem Ince posted saying "the time is enough."


Some U.S.-based Turkey observers also weighed in:

Meanwhile, a group women affliated with 'Haziran Kadiköy' twitter handle, created a new song for 'T A M A M,' here, posting a tweet, said 'that is the enough is enough then'