May 11 2018

Turkish government will take measures against social media provocations

The Turkish government will take measures against those who carry out provocations on social media during the election process, the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu said on Friday, news site Diken reported.

“In order to establish security in the digital environment, our forces will be ready to track cyber crimes like propaganda of terrorist organisations and other types of provocations, as well as attempts to prevent digital election campaigns,” Soylu said during a meeting on election security.

Soylu added that they will refrain from limiting freedom of expression on the basis of security. 

“Security is there to ensure an environment for free expression and choice. From this perspective, our duty is to establish a secure environment in which people will not limit others freedoms and people can have the freedom of choice,” Soylu said. 

Yet, despite his assurances, Soylu’s words are interpreted by many as threats against the opposition who has been using social media actively in the last week to campaign against the government.

T A M A M became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday with close to 2 million tweets posted under the hashtag to tell the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that they have had enough.

On Friday, the opposition used the hashtag S I K I L D I K [We are bored], after president Erdoğan asked his supporters whether they were bored or not, during a meeting with the AKP youth in Ankara.