‘45 percent of Turkish voters undecided’ - polling agency head

With Turkey’s triple election year of 2019 drawing near, polling agencies are hard at work trying to take the pulse of Turkish voters.

The head of KONDA - one of Turkey’s leading polling companies - Bekir Ağırdır stated that 45 percent of voters in Turkey are undecided as to which party they will vote for.

While noting that these swing votes are an advantage of Turkey’s leading opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Ağırdır said that the CHP must not ‘censor itself’ out of fear of the government.

Ağırdır statements came during a series of meetings he held with CHP officials on Friday, Cumhuriyet daily reported, where he delivered a presentation on social and political changes in Turkey since 2002.

The head of the KONDA underscored a polarisation taking place in Turkey, highlighting that this is a phenomenon throughout the world and not limited to Turkey.

‘’Despite this, there is about 45 percent swing voters rate. This 45 percent does not have a party. This is quite a high percentage. This is to your advantage; these are people who long for change, but cannot find a structure that promises hope. CHP must give hope, CHP must have a utopia,’’ he told CHP officials.

 Ağırdır also warned Turkey’s leading opposition against fear of being labelled by the government.

‘’Don’t allow for the leading power to draw your political lines, the political arena is already closing in. You can save this arena by coming in with new ideas, radical decisions and a dynamic structure,’’ the head of KONDA noted.

After the Justice and Development Party (AKP)  and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) joined forces earlier this year - bringing the spectrum of the political right together -  all eyes remain on Turkey’s opposition parties ahead of the 2019 elections.