Former Turkish president calls for release of jailed journalists

Former president Abdullah Gül said that jailed journalists should not be detained while awaiting trial.

“I have always said that it is my opinion that journalists, writers and cartoonists should not be detained awaiting trial,” Gül told the press as he left Friday prayers.

The issue has been on the agenda today after a lower court prevented Turkey’s constitutional court from releasing two jailed journalists. Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ later said that the constitutional court had overstepped its mandate.

Gül also said that he believed Turkey’s state of emergency would soon be at an end.

“I am of the opinion that the state of emergency has been presented to parliament for the last time. I hope that this is the last time,” he said.

“I believe that showing a reformist Turkey again will be very much the right way in terms of the economy and foreign relations. Turkey has lived through a very extraordinary period and it was necessary to take it under control, but it would be a great favour for Turkey if everything was now normalised.”