Top Turkish coup suspect under German protection - German press

Following the publication of an address in Germany where Turkish authorities believed top coup suspect Adil Öksüz to be hiding, two German newspapers appear to have confirmed the scoop.

Öksüz, who the Turkish authorities claim directed a July 2016 failed coup as the messenger between exile preacher Fethullah Gülen and the senior military figures behind the attempt, was detained while running away from the Akıncı Air Base on the outskirts of Ankara, which functioned as the headquarters of the coup attempt, after it failed.

He was released by a court, however, and spent four more days in Turkey before disappearing altogether.

Turkish state news agency Anadolu printed a Berlin address in the heavily Turkish-origin area of Neukölln on Wednesday where they said that Öksüz was being kept in a safehouse.

They said that Öksüz had been trafficked via an Eastern European country and that other followers of Gülen had kept his identity secret.

German newspaper Tagesspiegel said that German authorities had taken measures to protect the Turkish individual at the address given by Anadolu and that it had rejected requests for his arrest or extradition.

The Berliner Zeitung had the information that Öksüz had lived in the address given confirmed by a police detective, but said that he had been rushed to safety after the address became public.

One of the neighbours interviewed by the newspaper also identified the flat's previous occupant as a grey-haired individual who was always on the phone – a description that matches Öksüz.