Mar 07 2018

Turkish government stops recording TV ad spend

The Turkish government said it no longer keeps distinct records of how much it pays to each television channel for advertising each year, opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet said.

Government spokesman Bekir Bozdağ told Republican People’s Party parliamentarian Ömer Fethi Gürer, in response to a parliamentary question, that he could not provide details of the state’s annual ad spend broken down by television station, because all advertising spending had now been folded into a “ceremonies and events” budget as part of a change to an “analytical budget classification”.

In the past, the government has come under criticism for disproportionately spending the state advertising budget on adverts in pro-government media outlets.

“As there is no classification in the budget classes for advertising costs, the central government cannot produce data relating to advertising costs for the public administration,” Bozdağ said.

Gürer was unimpressed by this new spending classification structure.

“By adding these figures to the ceremonies spending, they are hiding them from the public, which is an unfitting attitude for a serious state,” he said.

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