Boat capsizes off northwest Turkey, 5 migrants killed

At least five people were killed on Sunday when a boat carrying migrants sank off Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne amid a powerful storm in the region, state-run Anadolu News Agency reported.

The rubber boat capsized off the town of Enez as torrential rain hit parts of Greece and Turkey, it said.

Police have identified the bodies as Syrians and search and rescue teams are looking for two more migrants.

Rescue teams began looking for the migrants after three survivors reported the incident to authorities.

Meanwhile, police are looking for two Turks accused of human trafficking in the incident in which the number of migrants on the boat remains unclear. 

The EU and Turkey reached an agreement in March 2016 to stop irregular migration through the Aegean Sea after around 1 million migrants and refugees entered the EU by boat from Turkey to Greece between 2015-2016.