Afrin completely under control - Turkish Armed Forces

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) announced on Saturday that the Turkish-led coalition now hold complete control of the Afrin region of Syria, BBC Turkish said.

“The Afrin region has been taken completely under control, and the search operations to ensure that the people of the region safely return to their homes continue,” according to the announcement.

However, the TSK warned of potential attacks by Kurdish militant groups and forces loyal to the Islamic State (ISIS).

“While minesweeping and explosives disposal work continues around al-Bab, precautions aimed at preventing attacks carried out to the east from Afrin and to the west from Manbij by PKK/KCK/PYD/YPG and ISIS terrorist elements carefully continue,” it said.

“In particular, responses are being given to harassment and attacks in the Tel Rifat region and from time to time in the Manbij region within the scope of legitimate self-defence. A contribution is being made to normalisation work being carried out in the region (infrastructure, superstructure, support for local administrations, etc.).”

Turkey began its operation in the Afrin region on Jan. 20 and declared that it had taken the town of Afrin on Mar. 18. It says that it has killed over 3,700 fighters in the region over the course of the operation, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates the true figure to be around 1,500.