Afrin Day 14: Pentagon say will recover YPG weapons in Syria post-ISIS

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All updates about the fifteenth day of Turkey’s military operation on Syria’s Afrin are here.

20:00 Rocket attacks kill two in Turkish border towns

Rocket attacks killed two people in Turkey close to the border with Syria where Turkish troops are carrying out an air and ground offensive against a Kurdish-held Syrian enclave.

At least six rockets targeted the town of Reyhanlı in Hatay province, wounding 18 people, two of whom later died in hospital, the governor’s office said in a statement quoted by AP.

Three more rockets hit the city centre of Kilis, northeast of Reyhanlı, wounding three people, Mehmet Tekinarslan, the governor there said.

12.23 Turkish police detain seven for social media posts criticising Syria operation

Turkish police detained at least seven people in the capital Ankara on Friday over social media posts relating to the ongoing Turkish military operation in the Syrian area of Afrin.

Among the arrestees were Songül Akbay, an advisor to former HDP co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ; Cevahir Canpolat of the Alevi association Pir Sultan Abdal; writer Emek Erez; Aysu Simge Taştan of the far-left group Student Collectives; Ali Erol of LGBTI rights group Kaos GL; Sibel Tekin of citizen journalism initiative Seyri Sokak and prominent lawyer Kemal Ulusoy.

12:14 Trump has no choice but to grapple with Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump has no choice other than to grapple with growing contradictions underlying Washington’s policy toward Syria, Ishaan Tharoor wrote in the Washington Post.

12:12 Turkey couldn't join NATO if it applied today - analyst

Turkey would probably not qualify for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation if it were to apply today, wrote David L. Phillips, director of Columbia University’s Program on Peace-building and Rights.

10:23 - 823 militants killed in Afrin - Turkish Armed Forces

The Turkish Armed Forces have announced that it has killed 823 militants so far in its ongoing operation in Afrin.

09.08 - We will recover YPG weapons after ISIS defeat - Pentagon spokesman

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said that the United States would recover weapons given to the majority-Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) after the Islamic State (ISIS) were defeated.

"Our aim is to collect the weapons after the operations against ISIS are finished," he said. "As you know, the fight against ISIS is currently continuing in the central Euphrates Valley and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are using that equipment for a good purpose."


(All times Turkish)

All updates about the thirteenth day of Turkey’s military operation on Syria’s Afrin are here.