Feb 17 2018

Afrin Day 29: Turkish gas attack on Syrian town?- SOHR

15.24 Turkey must consider NATO’s interests - Merkel

Turkey must make sure that it avoids damaging the NATO alliance during its Afrin operations, the German chancellor was quoted by left-wing newspaper BirGün as saying.

“Turkey has the right to ensure its own security, but it must consider the interests of NATO too,” Angela Merkel said following a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, advising that Turkey better co-operate its actions with the alliance.

14.29 - Turkey denies use of chemicals in Syria's Afrin, says accusations baseless 

Turkey never used chemical weapons in its operations in Syria, and takes the utmost care of civilians, a Turkish diplomatic source said, after Syrian Kurdish forces and a monitoring group accused it of carrying out a gas attack in Syria's Afrin region.

"These are baseless accusations. Turkey never used chemical weapons. We take utmost care about civilians in Operation Olive Branch," the source said.



10.55 1,595 militants killed in Afrin - Turkish Armed Forces

Turkey's armed forces have released a statement saying that 1,595 Kurdish and Islamic State (IS) militants had so far been killed in Operation Olive Branch in the Afrin region of northwest Syria.

08.55 NATO head urges that Afrin remain 'proportionate'

NATO has voiced support for Turkey’s military operation against terrorists in northwestern Syria's Afrin region, but it also urged for a “proportionate" and “measured” response.

"Turkey has some legitimate security concerns. No other NATO ally has suffered more terrorist attacks than Turkey. But we expect them to address these concerns in a proportionate and measured way,” he said.


08.14 Possible Turkish gas attack on Syrian town - SOHR

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that six people were wounded in a bombardment on Al-Sheikh Hadid, with symptoms the Kurdish militant group People's Protection Units (YPG) described as indicative of a gas attack.

"Shelling from either Turkey or allied factions hit Al-Sheikh Hadid and left six people with enlarged pupils and breathing difficulties," Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said, adding that he could not confirm whether toxic gases were used.

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