Afrin Day 52: Turkish forces close in on Afrin city centre

13:36 Turkey to rebuild Afrin in image after conflict ends - report

Turkey will rebuild Afrin, constructing court houses, schools mosques and health facilities after its military ends the operation in the Syrian region, Yeni Safa newspaper reported.

11:47 Turkish forces capture villages close to Afrin center

Turkey’s military, backed by militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), took control of 16 more villages in northwestern Syria and a strategic high point as it closed in on the city of Afrin, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

The villages captured included several close to Afrin city centre, as well as airport, located located between Jinderes and Afrin.

11:30 3,347 enemy fighters "neutralised" in Afrin says Turkish military

3,347 enemy fighters have been "neutralised" since the start of Operation Olive Branch the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on Monday morning.

The Turkish military uses the term "neutralised" to refer to enemies captured dead or alive, or those who surrender.