Afrin day 57: Afrin authorities call for evacuation

15.26 Afrin authorities call for evacuation

The PYD-led canton in Afrin is officially urging civilians to evacuate the city, using megaphones and fliers, Ahval News have been informed by a well-placed source.

The YPG is said to be preparing for urban fighting as the Turkish military and its Syrian rebel allies are closing in on the city.

12.42 Turkey encircling Afrin – The Guardian

Turkey claims to have encircled Afrin, trapping up to 200,000 civilians in the majority-Kurdish city, British liberal newspaper The Guardian said .

“Queues of anxious families stretching for several hundred metres streamed towards the last remaining exit in the city’s south on Friday, as the Turkish military and members of an Arab proxy force, which it mobilised seven weeks ago, consolidated positions they had gradually taken since Monday,” the newspaper said.

10.57 Did Turkish Armed Forces hit a hospital in Afrin?

Controversy has erupted on social media over whether or not Turkish armed forces hit a hospital in Afrin, allegedly killing 9 people, after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights made the claim.

"There are at least nine dead. We don't know if there are medical staff among them," the monitoring organisation said.

10:35 3,567 enemy fighters "neutralised" in Afrin - Turkish military

In total 3,567 enemy fighters have been "neutralised" since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Syria's northwestern Afrin region, said a statement issued by the Turkish military on Saturday morning.

The term "neutralized" is used by the turkish authorities to refer to enemy fighters who either surrendered or were killed or captured.