Bomb attack kills eight in Afrin– Turkish Defence Ministry

Turkey’s Defence Ministry published a tweet on Monday saying the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had carried out a bomb attack in the Turkish-held northwest Syrian enclave of Afrin, killing eight civilians.

The attack took place on Monday when a truck carrying diesel-loaded barrels was detonated in Afrin city centre, the ministry said. The attack also wounded seven people.

Turkish armed forces and their Syrian rebel allies took control of Afrin in early 2018 in a cross-border military operation against the YPG, which the Turkish government considers a terrorist organisation due to its links to militants fighting for Kurdish self-rule within Turkey.

Afrin, which organisations linked to the YPG ruled as a semi-autonomous region since shortly after the start of the Syrian civil war, has been occupied by Turkish forces and Syrian rebel groups since the YPG left the area in March 2018.