Did Turkish Armed Forces hit a hospital in Afrin?

Controversy has erupted on social media over whether or not Turkish armed forces hit a hospital in Afrin, allegedly killing 9 people, after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights made the claim.

"There are at least nine dead. We don't know if there are medical staff among them," the monitoring organisation said.

The Turkish military were quick to deny the statement, tweeting that “The reports claiming that the hospital in Afrin was bombed by the Turkish Armed Forces are fake”, and both showing a picture and issuing drone footage of a large undamaged building.

However, other social media users said that the hospital was not the largest building in the picture, which they said was a printing house. Instead, they said, it was a smaller yellow building on which damage can be clearly seen in the Turkish military pictures:

Other social media accounts showed a picture of the yellow building with a sign that said “Afrin Hospital” in Kurdish (Naxweşxaneya Afrin).

Afrin Hospital

If the yellow building was indeed the hospital, questions remain as to when the attack happened. The 9 deaths were reported on Friday evening, but it had already been indicated on Thursday that the hospital was being evacuated under Turkish fire. The following tweet was deleted by Kurdistan24 reporter Hawar Ali after the controversy began to hot up:


Footage in Arabic Rudaw is further confirming that the damaged building is part of the hospital complex.