Diyarbakır Medical Association calls for release of co-chair

Diyarbakır Medical Association called for the release of its co-chair Dr. Şerif Demir on Friday after he was held for a third day in police custody, alternative news portal Bianet said.

It also launched a social media campaign under the hashtag "#DrŞerifDemirSerbestBırakılsın" (#ReleaseDrŞerifDemir), the portal said.

Demir was arrested in the evening of Mar. 20 as part of a terrorist investigation and charged with “making propaganda for a (terrorist) organisation.”

Health Workers' Union (SES) Branch Co-Chair Recep Oruç and Branch Secretary Mehmet Nur Ulu were also detained simultaneously.

While Turkey’s Bar Association put out a statement in support of their country’s military campaign in the Syrian region of Afrin, the country’s medical association has opposed it on the grounds that many, including innocent civilians, could lose their lives.

After releasing their statement opposing the operation, 11 members of the board of the Turkish Medical Association were detained for 17 days in an anti-terror operation between January and February this year.