“Now everywhere is the target” – an Afrin civilian’s view​​​​​​​

A Kurdish woman living in a village near the Turkish border with Afrin has told British broadcaster BBC Radio 4 how she and her neighbours felt as they were being shelled by the Turkish-Free Syrian Army (FSA) coalition.

“Now everywhere is the target, and the warplanes are always in the sky,” said the woman, who gave her name only as Rania.

“No-one is doing anything. I’m afraid, my family are afraid, everyone I know here is feeling helpless and they are trapped. There is nowhere we can go.”

She and her family had kept a bag packed for the last two years in case of trouble, she said, but they only fled when there was a break in the shelling.

“We had three or four sleepless nights because there is no way you can close your eyes due to the intensive shelling, and between the shelling there is no half-minute,” she said.

“It just lasted through the night, and in the morning I was just so afraid of the Islamists, you know those Islamists are just like ISIS. It concerns me more than shells. What if they get into our village? What will happen to us? So in the morning they stopped shelling, and that is when I packed my things.”