Syrian aid convoy under Turkish artillery fire in Afrin

An aid convoy headed toward the northern town of Afrin has been targeted by Turkish artillery, inflicting casualties, Syrian state television broadcaster announced on Thursday.

The station did not give any further details about the incident, which came two days after pro-government fighters supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad began entering the enclave of Afrin, where Turkey’s army is battling Kurdish militants.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent said in a statement that it had suspended its pre-planned convoy to the Afrin area due to the lack of safe passage, according to an Associated Press report.

Turkey launched military operations in the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin on Jun. 20 to uproot the predominantly Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), which the Turkish government maintains is linked to a domestic insurgent group.

The Syrian Kurdish ANHA news agency also reported the convoy attack by Turkish artillery, saying that a vehicle carrying flammable material in the convoy exploded, inflicting injuries. The news agency reported that there were casualties following another attack by the Turkish military in the   Eshrefiye neighbourhood of Afrin.