Syrian regime to deploy forces in Afrin following deal with YPG - claims

The Syrian government has reached an agreement with Kurdish YPG forces in northwest Syria to enter and defend the Afrin region where the Turkish armed forces along with some Syrian opposition groups entered, Al Mayadeen, a pan-Arabist, a pro-Damascus satellite television channel based in Lebanon reported. 

Rudaw, a media group based in Iraqi Kurdistan also announced that Syrian forces would enter Afrin on Monday, February 19th.

 Rudaw, quoted Sheikho Bilo, an official from the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (PYDKS) saying "SDF and Syria have reached an agreement," Bilo, according to Rudaw said that the agreement is only to protect borders, “the agreement is only militarily," he said.

Turkey launched an air and ground offensive last month on the Afrin region, nick-named Operation Olive Branch, against the Kurdish YPG militia aiming to "neutralise", the terror group that Turkey considers to an offshoot of local Kurdish separatists.

Another Kurdish news agency, ANF reported same news as well. The Kurdish newsgroup reported that an agreement had been reached between the Syrian government and Kurdish sources. According to ANF sources, the agreement included denying airspace to Turkish forces as well.