Thousands of volunteers sign up to fight alongside Turkey in Afrin

Thousands of Turkish citizens and Syrian refugees have applied to volunteer with the Turkish armed forces during their operation in Afrin, pro-government A Haber said.

One of the most striking examples, related by news site Haberler, was in the small city of Elazığ, where 300 public employees all signed up together.

“Our heroic army continues its epic struggle against the separatist terror organisations,” Bedri Genyüz, head of quality control at the municipality, told reporters after signing up.

“Each of us as individuals is behind our heroic army. As a nation, we are on our feet against every type of terroristic element that threatens our country. We will always rise up for our independence and our future,” he said.

“The nation cannot be divided, martyrs never die. It is necessary to die for one’s country,” municipal employee Necati Altunbaş said.

“If I am called up at this moment, I would go straight there with my family. That is why I am here to sign up to serve in the military.”

In the city of Konya, around 150 Syrian refugees organised themselves on social media and came to sign up for the Turkish military, pro-government newspaper Habertürk said.

“If our applications are accepted, we want to be soldiers,” university student Muhammed Taci said.

“We are all ready for martyrdom … There are maybe thousands of Syrians in Konya who want to be soldiers.”