True victims of Turkey's Afrin bombing are civilians - Fisk

Veteran Middle East columnist Robert Fisk reported from a hospital in the besieged Syrian enclave of Afrin that many of the victims of Turkish air strikes are ordinary civilians, including children and refugees.

“You should see the dead when they come in – and the state of the wounded with the blood on them,” he quoted Jawan Palot, director of the Afrin Hospital, as saying.

He says that the hospital records show that 34 civilians – 10 of them children – were killed in Turkish air attacks as opposed to only 11 majority-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters.

“Was this not a replay of every Israeli air assault on ‘terrorists’ in southern Lebanon, of every NATO air strike on ‘Serb forces’ in ex-Yugoslavia, of every U.S. attack on Iraqi “forces” in 1991 and 2003 and on Afghanistan and on Mosul last year?” Fisk asked.

“All were ‘surgical’ operations – carried out with absolute precision to avoid ‘collateral damage’, of course – and all left a litter of tens or hundreds or thousands of dead and wounded. Our air assaults – Israeli, NATO, American, Turkish – feed off each other in lies and victims,” he said.