Mar 20 2018

Turkey did bomb Afrin hospital – investigative team

The citizen journalism website Bellingcat has investigated claims that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)  bombed a hospital in the Syrian region of Afrin and found them substantiated, according to a new report.

Controversy on social media had centred around whether a yellow building was the hospital or not, and Bellingcat came up with a clear answer.

“There is plenty of open source footage of what is said to be the hospital in Afrin, many of which show a yellow building with red stripes, as visible on the right hand side of the most zoomed out drone image published by the TSK. Other visual clues that indicate that it is the hospital, are apparent in photographs and videos of the hospital, such as the windows and the air conditioners,” it said.

“The hospital’s Facebook page, for instance, has several photos that show the yellow building as a part of the hospital complex, e.g. from October 31, 2017 and April 29, 2017.”

A white building that had initially been identified as the hospital was a printing house, but had also been used as a makeshift overflow hospital when the yellow building filled up, Bellingcat said.

The total number of casualties in the incident remained unclear, the website said.