Turkey settling Palestinians in Syria’s Afrin - UN

The United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) confirmed that Turkey was settling Palestinian refugees in the Syrian district of Afrin that Turkish troops and their allies captured from Syrian Kurdish forces in March, journalist Wladimir van Wilgenberg wrote.

Kurds from Afrin fear Turkey will deliberately settle Sunni Arabs in the region to change its ethnic balance against.

The majority of a convoy of 618 displaced persons transported to a camp near Deir Balut in Afrin were Palestinian refugees, UNOCHA said.

Some 6,000 internally displaced people, including Palestinians and their descendents originally displaced by Israel, have been brought to Afrin from Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus, van Wilgenberg said, but many others are refusing to come to the area.

“The displaced people of the Eastern Ghouta expressed their resentment of this decision imposed by the Turkish authorities on the displaced people of Ghouta, through carrying out an organised demographic change by settling the displaced people of the Eastern Ghouta in houses owned by the displaced people of Afrin,” he quoted the United Kingdom-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights as saying.