Turkish military making tactical mistakes in Afrin – Russian military expert

Turkish military tactics against the Kurdish-held Syrian enclave of Afrin leave its forces open to surprise attack and Turkish air strikes are unlikely to hit their targets, Sputnik Turkey quoted a Russian military expert as saying.

“Turkish forces are using roads in order to advance through the mountain areas in the Afrin region,” said Vladimir Yevseyev, a military expert and the director of the Public Policy Research Centre at the Valdai Club think-tank.

“This is not very clever. A military unit on the road can easily be stopped by blowing up the first and last vehicles and shooting the vehicles in the convoy.”

The Turkish military was proceeding without air support, Yevseyev said, which is one reason why it is under pressure in Afrin.

“The Turkish Air Force is using free-falling bombs from a very great height for their bombardments,” he said. “It is comic to reduce your chances of hitting the target to zero in this way.”

The Turkish military were in trouble already after a week in Afrin, Yevseyev said, because it was relying on the Free Syrian Army, a group without sufficient power to advance, to make territorial gains.