Turkish police and gendarmes set for urban warfare in Afrin

Turkish police and gendarme special forces are waiting on the Syrian border for the country’s military to capture urban territory so that they can carry out house-to-house urban warfare, secular broadcaster CNN Türk said.

Raco, a town the defending People’s Protection Units (YPG) consider to be of strategic importance, will be the first place the special forces are sent into, the broadcaster said.

The YPG has dug many ditches in residential areas of the town to prevent armoured vehicles moving in, it said, plus it had laid mines and improvised explosive devices and built up a large arsenal of weapons in the town, which was now surrounded by Turkish forces.

Turkish police and special forces have gained experience in the realm of urban combat in recent years in Turkey’s southeast, where the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is actively waging a conflict against the Turkish state, CNN Türk said.