Turkish Syrian offensive operation would enrage Turkey’s Kurds, politician says

A Turkish military operation to seize the Kurdish-held northwestern Syrian province of Afrin would enrage Turkey’s Kurds, a veteran Kurdish politician said.

Ahmet Türk, former deputy of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was quoted by German public broadcaster DW as saying that Kurds in Turkey may have come to terms with Turkish military operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as it had fought an armed campaign in Turkey.

“But how could the Kurds accept an operation against those people in Afrin?” DW quoted Türk as asking.

Turkey is attacking Afrin in Syria only because it is held by Kurds, he said, while people in Afrin have never harmed Turkey.

“(Syrian) Kurds never threatened Turkey’s border. It is not in their interest,” Türk said.

The United States and Russia need Syrian Kurdish militia as a ground force against the Islamic State and other extremist jihadist groups, he said.

“I would wish Turkey had also supported Kurds against them, and we wouldn’t have reached this point,” Türk said.