TV presenter threatens to kill civilians

A Turkish opposition member of parliament has complained to the broadcasting regulator about a television presenter on an Islamist channel who spoke of killing civilians in secular areas of Istanbul and in parliament, independent news website T24 said.

Referring to accusations the Turkish army had killed civilians in its operation in the Syrian region of Afrin, Akit TV presenter Ahmet Keser said Turkey had no dispute with the people of the area.

“If we were to kill civilians, we would start in Cihangir, Nişantaşı, Etiler, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly,” he said, in reference to secular opposition-dominated areas of Istanbul and the Turkish parliament.

Republican People’s Party parliamentarian Barış Yarkadaş announced on his Twitter account that he had launched a complaint against Keser with Turkey’s broadcasting regulator and invited parliamentary speaker İsmail Kahraman to act in response to the implicit threat to parliamentarians.