Turkish agriculture ministry green lights GMO fodder for another decade

The Turkish ministry of agriculture and forestry has approved the use of animal feed containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), for another 10 years, Diken news site reported on Saturday.

The decision, announced in the Official Gazette, pertains to four soybean and one corn meal types, the newspaper said, while another decade-long permit granted for 10 corn meal types has expired.

Turkey normally does not allowthe use of GMO for food.

The country needs approximately 3 billion tonnes of soy for animal feed annually, but only 180,000 tonnes is produced in the country and 100 percent of imported soy contains GMO, according to Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Özden Güngör.

Turkey’s agricultural sector has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the provisions extended to the sector by the government include a delay in repaying government loans for farmers, a new online digital marketplace to connect producers with buyers, and additional duty-free grain tenders, among others.