Mar 13 2018

“Ankara insider” columnist censored

A Turkish court has blocked three columns written by a former presidential aide who made his name reporting rumours from sources in the inner circles of power, Communist news website SoL said.

Ahmet Takan was an aide to Turkey’s previous president, Abdullah Gül, and works as a columnist for the nationalist daily Yeniçağ.

“When they were in opposition, they talked about democracy, communicating and receiving news, and freedom of ideas, but these are just words,” Takan said in his column on Tuesday.

“When they came to power they did not flinch from carrying out all that they had criticised when in opposition.”

The three articles inaccessible in Turkey are “Was the Pope asked to mediate?” from Feb. 8, “Barzani’s lobbying company worked for Erdoğan” from Feb. 9, and “Fight over (red) lines in palace cabinet” from Feb. 27.

Even if they could censor the media, the government could not stop the truth from getting out, Takan said.

“The truth is being talked about in the streets, in the coffeehouses, and in the barber shops,” he wrote.