Kurdish politician released following testimony in Kobani protests investigation

The Turkish court ruled on Monday for the release of Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk under judicial control and an international travel ban, in the case against Türk over his alleged role in the 2014 Kobani protests.

Türk was released following his testimony in court over the protests against the siege by the Islamic State (ISIS) of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, Artı Gerçek news site reported.

Türk is one of several Kurdish politicians facing charges in the investigation of the Kobani protests, which began last month.

Turkish authorities in Sept. ordered the arrest of 82 people including members of a pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) for allegedly inciting violence in 2014 Kobani protests against the Turkish army’s inaction during an ISIS attack on Kobani.

The HDP maintains the investigation is a move by Ankara to silence and intensify a crack down on the party.

Türk, who was the HDP mayor of the southeastern province of Mardin at the time, said he continually called for peace during the protests.

Moreover,  Türk said, Turkish authorities were aware he went to Kobani, where aid was provided with the coordination of the Governor’s Office of Mardin.

“This investigation is not just,’’ Türk said while speaking to journalists following his release. “This is evidenced by the fact that it was launched six years after the incident, which points to the fact that it is a political decision.’’

At least 34 people were killed during the days-long Kobani protests between Oct. 6 and 8, 2014 that spread to several provinces throughout Turkey.