New crisis erupts over U.S.-Turkey phone call readout

A phone call between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and U.S. President Donald Trump was wrongly written up by the White House, Turkish presidential palace sources told Turkish newspapers immediately after Washington issued its readout of the conversation.

The White House readout reported that Donald Trump had expressed concerns over Turkey's military operation in Afrin, northwest Syria, and over the ongoing state of emergency and arrest of U.S. citizens and employees in Turkey. Turkish officials deny these reports.

The trust deficit is so deep in both countries' capitals that diplomats cannot even agree on a statement about what was discussed in the call.

Ahval editors, Yavuz Baydar, Ergun Babahan and İlhan Tanir discuss the countries' collapsing alliance after 70 years as NATO members.

At this juncture, the United States and Turkey are experiencing a great trust deficit, and nothing, including the Presidents' phone call, seems to be helping to mend the ties. 

Regional and global actors increasingly voice their worry over the Afrin operation, adding extra pressure on Turkey as the operation reaches the end of its first week.


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