Turkey's global purge and its repercussions - Nate Schenkkan

Nate Schenkkan's Foreign Affairs piece on Monday described in depth on how the Turkish government had conducted its ongoing purge of dissidents on a global scale, and what repercussions this could have for other repressive regime across the world. 

Schenkkan, project director with Freedom House and a top expert on Turkey,  answered questions from Ahval editors Yavuz Baydar and Ilhan Tanir on Ahval TV.

Schenkkan discussed how the Turkish government's purge had taken on his personalised, bitter tone.

No other researcher has been systematically studying the purge in as many different places as Schenkkan, who examined 46 countries while doing his research for the piece. 

Schenkkan said that even if the Turkish government's argument that the danger of the Gulenists is so great they require special tactics considered to be true, it is necessary to have the rule of law, sound evidence, and fair adjudication of that evidence. 

Schenkkan, when asked about his understanding of Gulenists role in the coup attempt of July 2016, stated that the process of uncovering the truth about the incident has been so tarnished by abuses that it has become very difficult to treat witness testimony as credible. 

However, Schenkkan discusses the claims that a number of high ranking Gulenists were at the Akinci airbase, close to the heart of the coup attempt on the night it took place, and the evidence showing the same Gulenists visiting America in the preceding weeks, presumably to visit Fetullah Gulen.