Video: Ahval's Ilhan Tanır reports on Zarrab's testimony from New York

Reza Zarrab started his testimony today in the New York court, revealing the details of his sanctions-busting scheme, naming the players inside the Turkish government that helped him to run his network.

Ahval editor Ilhan Tanir is reporting from New York:

On the second part his testimony, Zarrab detailed his scheme by drawing on a white board, explaining to the court that it took "10 transactions" to hide the source of the money —Iran's oil an gas revenue.

Zarrab named a Turkish private bank, Aktif Bank, where he said he initially used to make money transfers to Iran, and added that he moved to Halkbank, a state-bank, after bribing former Turkish Minister of Economy, Zafer Çağlayan.

Full story here:



Ilhan Tanir's second video report:

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