White House besieged by the enemies of Turkey - Yeni Şafak

Turkey's Prime Minister Binalli Yıldırım's U.S. visit was a success according to Yeni Şafak columnist Hasan Öztürk, who was among the journalists brought along on Yıldırım's plane.

Quoting only Yıldırım's statements, Öztürk wrote that the crisis between Turkey and the U.S. is due to "enemies of Turkey" besieging the Trump administration.

Anti-Turks have almost sieged [sic] the White House these days. Aware of this, Yıldırım said, "The vice president and I are responsible for putting the current good relations between the two presidents into practice... As two significant deputies of the two strong presidents, we have the greater responsibility for the restoration of relations."

Comparing criticism of Trump as a "civil war", Öztürk said the course of Turkey-U.S. relations would depend on whether the White House's positive view of Turkey would be accepted by other U.S. institutions.