AKP mayor appoints lawyer caught embezzling municipal funds as deputy

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayor of Ankara’s Keçiören district Turgut Altınok has appointed a lawyer, who embezzled the municipality’s debts owed in 2011 as deputy mayor, left-wing Turkish news site Sendika.org reported on Saturday.

The Inspections Directorate, which had uncovered lawyer Kazım Kabadayı’s embezzlement eight years ago, will be headed by the lawyer following the appointment, Sendika.org said.

Kabadayı transferred a total of $ 10,800 (62,270 liras) to his personal accounts from three debt collections by the municipality where he worked as a lawyer in 2011. The Inspections Directorate discovered the transfer in 2014, and Kabadayı returned the money.

The municipality did not press charges at the time.

With his appointment as the deputy mayor, Kabadayı will have control over the Inspections Directorate and 12 out of the 29 municipal directorates.