Anti-Semitism bedrock of Erdoğan’s political ideology - Haaretz analysis

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, by pointing the finger at George Soros for conspiring against the Turkish government last month, has added to the anti-Semitic conspiracies that are part and parcel of Ankara’s ideology, wrote Simon A. Waldman in an article he penned for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper.

Erdoğan on Nov. 21 said jailed Turkish philanthropist and businessman Osman Kavala provided finances for terrorists during the country’s 2013 nationwide Gezi protests adding that he is backed by Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist Soros.

‘’Back in 2013 many Turkish citizens took to the streets to protest the imminent demolition of Gezi Park… then Deputy Prime Minister, Besir Atalay, claimed that the chief orchestrators of the protests were not Turks, but international Jewry. One of Erdogan’s chief advisors was even so brazen as to attack government rivals for ‘raising soldiers for the Jews,’’’ the article noted.

Erdogan at the time accused the Gezi Park protestors of being provocateurs for the "interest rate lobby,"- a  network of Jewish financiers, working in cahoots with Opus Dei and the Illuminati - Waldman said, pointing to a documentary called "The Mastermind" aired several months after the incident by a pro-government television channel. The documentary explains that Jewish machinations are as ancient as the story of Moses, Wald explained, with Jews seeking global dominance for 3,500 years.

 ‘’Secret Jewish conspiracies are part in parcel of the ideology from the political environment from which Erdogan and the AKP emerged,’’ the article said, noting that the Islamic Milli Gorus (National Outlook) movement surfaced during the 1970s and the Islamic Welfare Party, a later incantation of the Milli Gorus tradition and formed Erdoğan’s political roots, were generous in their Jewish conspiracies.

‘’Is it any wonder that the intellectual inheritors of nonsense passed as knowledge allege that there is a secret Jewish plot against Turkey?’’ Waldman asked, highlighting that Erdogan is on record as making vulgar anti-Semitic slurs, such as calling a member of the public who criticised him ‘’the spawn of Israel." He has also said the Jewish capital is behind the New York Times, after the publication criticized his anti-democratic practices.

The country’s failed coup of July 2016, which Ankara says was orchestrated by U.S. based cleric Fethullah Gülen, ‘’was not merely perpetrated by a Gulenist faction among the military. It was, according to supporters of Erdogan, part of a wider Jewish plot,’’ Waldman wrote.

Gulen is a Karaite Jew, according to Ersin Ramoglu, a columnist from pro-government newspaper Sabah, the article noted, as well as Fuat Ugur, another pro-Erdogan journalist.

The list goes on.

Gulen is part of the Zionist - Crusader alliance which seeks to reduce Turkey to a colony of the West, said Tamer Korkmaz of the pro-government daily Yeni Safak Korkmaz.

Turkish anti-Semitism is a ‘’central bedrock’’ of Erdoğan’s ideological thinking and his AKP government and their supporters, according to Waldman, who concluded, ‘’The next time you hear of a negative political or economic development in Turkey, look out for the anti-Semitism. You can't miss it.’’