May 19 2018

Gül’s chief advisor challenges Erdoğan’s advisors to declare assets

The chief advisor to former Turkish President Abdullah Gül has called on all 36 of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s chief advisors to declare their assets, independent t24 news site reported.

Ahmet Sever, who served as the chief advisor to Gül for 12 years, declared his assets in his newly published tell-all book and addressed allegations that he lined his pockets during his time working with Gül.

Gül, one of the founding members of Turkey’s leading Justice and Development Party (AKP), had a falling out Erdoğan in December 2013 when Gül recommended that Erdoğan’s son give a statement to police over corruption accusations.

The ongoing row between Sever and Erdoğan’s chief advisor Mustafa Varank began after Sever referred to Varank as a leading ‘AK troll,’ the name given to the 6,000-strong social media team of the ruling AKP. Varank was quick to take legal action.

Sever addressed all of Erdoğan’s advisors in a recent statement, calling on them to declare their assets:

“Now I’m not calling out only to him, but all 36 of Erdoğan’s chief advisors, including Yiğit Bulut and İlnur Çevik… Now its’s your turn to declare what you have so that the whole of Turkey can see.’’  

Erdoğan earlier this year accused Gül of creating disorder among the ruling AKP’s supporters, after Gül openly criticised a government decree declared under Turkey’s ongoing state of emergency.