May 08 2018

Not voting AKP targets Erdoğan and Islam - columnist

A columnist who writes for pro-government Sabah daily said that by noting voting for Turkey’s leading Justice and Development (AKP) party in the upcoming parliamentary elections on June 24 would be punishing the leader of the party and president, thereby the religion Islam.

Columnist Nuh Albayrak’s commentary follows an ongoing row between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and an advisor to former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who said that he would be voting for Erdoğan as president, but not for AKP in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. The Turkish president labelled those who stand behind him, but not his party ‘hyprocites.’ 

Davutoğlu was forced to step down as prime minister on May 5, 2016, after falling out of Erdoğan's favour. This created a pro-Davutoğlu group within the party, comprised of a sizeable community disillusioned with, but not ready to call it quits on the party that has been in power for 16 years.

Gönültaş, in his column on Tuesday said that three centuries of British attempts at bringing down the Ottoman Empire worked only when Turkish traitors cooperated with Britons, in an apparent reference to traitors within AKP.

‘’The real target is Islam in these attacks from within and abroad,’’ Gönültaş said. ‘’Muslim Turkey’s allure in terms of its democracy and development proves the efforts of the Crusader-Zionist bloc to be in vain.’’