Turkey seized bootleg alcohol at Bodrum hotel ahead of tourism season

Turkish police seized 7,000 bottles of bootleg alcohol during an operation in the popular western summer resort of Bodrum, Diken news site reported on Thursday.

The police acted on a tip that said a hotel manager in Bodrum’s Yalıkavak district had been storing bootleg alcohol to serve to consumers during summer. 

They found 7,000 bottles of bootleg alcohol and detained two executives of the hotel during the raid late on Wednesday. 

Rising alcohol prices and hiked tariffs on alcohol consumption have been pushing Turks to consume bootleg spirits in recent years. 

Alcohol poisoning cases have also risen in the country as more people drink bootleg spirits. 

In 2015, 20 people in Turkey died of alcohol poisoning, while others went blind from improperly mixing alcohols, which can have a purity level of up to 95 percent.

Some 23 people died of alcohol poisoning in a single month last year, after the government hiked taxes on most types of alcohol by more than 8 percent in July.

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