May 12 2018

Swapping Gülen for Pastor Brunson an easy solution - American Pastor

It is evident that Fethullah Gülen, the Turkish preacher living in the U.S. the government holds responsible for masterminding the 2016 coup attempt, should be extradited back to Turkey by the U.S., but this should in exchange for the immediate release of jailed Pastor Andrew Brunson, says William Devlin in a piece he penned for Christian post website.

Brunson, who has been living in Turkey for two decades, is charged with membership of both the Gülen movement, which the Turkish government has labelled the Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a secular Kurdish left-wing group fighting Turkey since 1984. The U.S. pastor, who has been jailed since Oct. 2016, denies the criminal charges.

‘’To me, the solution seems simple and will not violate Turkish Rule of Law nor violate Turkish sovereignty to protect itself from powers, foreign and domestic just as my own American government has the right to do so,’’ Devlin writes.

‘’The US government in the past administration made these types of 'deals' with none other than Iran, viz. Pastor Saeed Abedini. What is the point to have a Turkish terrorist living in the midst of the United States when President Erdogan of Turkey has asked for his extradition? I would urge my friends and colleagues in the U.S. Congress as to why the U.S. government is harboring a terrorist like Gulen. Doesn't this come under the banner of, "If you see something; say something!" the author, who is following Brunson’s ongoing case in person in İzmir, Turkey, says.

Devlin highlights that the American media has scrutinized Gülen, his ideology and charter schools, asking "Why is the U.S. government, not only providing refuge for a terrorist, an international criminal, but why are his charter schools getting funding of $800 million dollars to operate in the United States?’’

The same suggestion was previously made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who in September said that Turkey would exchange Brunson for U.S.-based Turkish preacher Gülen.