Turkey’s other American hostages nervous over focus on Brunson

Other U.S. citizens who have been arrested and charged with terrorism offences in Turkey have begun to worry that Washington is only concerned about the fate of a Christian pastor and has forgotten their plight, U.S. broadcaster NBC said.

Kübra Gölge, the wife of NASA scientist Serkan Gölge, who has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for membership of a terrorist group, told NBC that she believed the U.S. government was paying less attention to his case.

İsmail Kul, a 45-year-old Turkish-American who was arrested while holidaying in Turkey during a failed 2016 coup attempt, asked whether the U.S. government would pay more attention to securing his release if he were not a Muslim.

“Should I change my religion?” he asked.

However, the official U.S. line is that it is working to secure the release of all Americans held unjustly abroad.

“President Trump will never forget one of our own,” NBC quoted an official as saying.