Feb 21 2018

19-year-old saves squirrel's life

A 19-year-old man in the southeastern province of Batman saved the life of a squirrel injured in a trap set by the hunters.

The youth, computer engineer Rüzgar Alkan, found the squirrel in a forest and immediately took it to a veterinary clinic. The vet, however, was unable to help the wounded rodent.

“I found it in the woods. It couldn’t move. I had to do something; I took the squirrel to a local veterinarian. The vet said that the squirrel's condition was serious and that an expert vet can fix it. Hence I started looking around for an expert. ” Alkan said.


Alkan eventually delivered the injured squirrel, which he named Karamel (caramel), Tayfun Demir, a vet in Istanbul. Following a six-hour long operation, the squirrel's broken legs were fixed using platinum plates. Demir adopted Karamel.

“When I saw Karamel's video, it affected me.  I already have a squirrel, Alf. I saved him three years ago." said Demir, "Karamel's life was saved by the extraordinary effort of our professors in Istanbul University Veterinary Faculty."

“I would like to thank Rüzgar, who helped to save Caramel's life, and the vets who helped to bring him back to life,” he said.