Aug 27 2018

Bull swims 3 days to escape slaughter on Eid

A bull has made an epic voyage to escape slaughter in Turkey’s northeast Black Sea province of Rize, where he swam in the sea for three days after escaping from a market held for Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, last week.

The bull had been brought to a market at the İyidere district of Rize to be sold for sacrifice during the Muslim festival, but managed a swift escape from the area on foot.

His owner spent days searching the coastal strip without so much of a glimpse of the bull. In fact, the animal had made the rest of its getaway by sea, and was finally found by coastguards three days later and 23 kilometres away in Sürmene district.

The bull was returned to its owner, but its quick wits and feat of Olympian endurance have not gone in vain.

Haluk Levent, a Turkish rock singer, was so touched by the bull’s tale after reading about it on social media that he bought it.

The bull, which Levent has named Ferdinand, will live out its days in its new home in an animal shelter in the western Turkish city of İzmir.